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When we talk about fashion inspirations that never go out of style, minimalism is definitely one of them and continually trends across the online fashion blogsphere and social media starlets. Why? Because everybody loves from time to time to go back to the most simple shapes, clean lines and functionality.

So, are you wondering how the minimalist fashion style works? I guess the basic rule is this: you pick one powerful fashion item and let it pop against something simple and basic. Cue the OSKAR team's top fashion minimalist must-haves to stay relevant, stylish and effortless this Australian Summertime.

The fact is that these types of clothes are not seeking any kind of attention, which is why they are beautiful. If you want your minimalist fashion style to be a successful one, then you should stay near the following colours and tones: black, blue, white, camel and khaki. And if these minimalist pieces are made of luxurious textiles, then the result is an elegant effect.

 OSKER  Introduction To Fashion Minimalism - The Australian Way

 There is no need to exaggerate with accessories when you have a truly great wardrobe piece on hand. Our Frayed Letter shirt delivers interesting sleeve shape with the puff sleeve detailing and contrast black ribbon. Just keep the accessories as simple as possible and let the shirt do all the talking!

My second choice from our new Summer arrivals regarding the minimalist fashion style is this Free Will white babydoll shirt. I love white because it’s so pure and makes you look innocent, but also because it’s very elegant, sophisticated and looks great on multiple body shapes, both pencil, pear and curvy. You just have to have a certain attitude to wear it.

 OSKER - Introduction To Fashion Minimalism - The Australian Way

I find this simple, white blouse to be very stylish. As you can see, it looks great with jeans – it gives a casual feel. You can go in the more casual-smart direction by combining it with a pair of more elegant trousers, maybe black ones or even nude. It will totally change your look and make a true minimalist statement. I wouldn’t add any necklaces. Maybe a pair of pearl earrings or some rings. For the sports minimalist fashion style, combine it with a pair of sneakers.

 Osker - Introduction To Fashion Minimalism - The Australian Way

And if you were thinking how a white minimalist dress looks like, well there you go: our Surrender Yourself slip dress. You can’t get more minimalist than that - a simple, linen-blended dress with contrasting spaghetti straps and cheeky high split. Pure perfection!

 Going on to the next colour, you’ll see that this one is the most comfortable one and also the most classic one: black. We’ve been wearing black since centuries and it’s considered the supreme one, the one you can wear everywhere, on every occasion, from a gym session to the Oscars (if you’re that lucky). Black makes you look sophisticated and mature. It also goes well with every fashion style trend.

 A cool and relaxed minimalist outfit: our Paradise Lost jumper with balloon sleeves, denim and sneakers. Who said sportswear and minimalism don’t go well together? It comes down to details and the unexpected ruching at the shoulders add a new dimension to a classic streetstyle staple.

 OSKER Introduction To Fashion Minimalism - The Australian Way

Here’s another minimalist fashion all-black outfit, which I can honestly say I love. The flowiness of the Speak Of Something chiffon skirt adds a feminine touch yet there is a touch of androgynous element with the Where Rivers Meet oversized linen-blended tee

OSKER Intro To Fashion Minimalism - The Australian Way

For a true Australian fashion statement remember: Less Is More!



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