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We crave to crack the latest fashion trends; from the ones bygone to the ones that are forthcoming. We are constantly on our feet to know what is in and what is out so you are entirely cognizant of both international and Australian fashions and are ahead of the game from those around you. In the past few weeks, Fashion month set the tone for what the season of Spring will look like around the globe. From street style fashion to the shimmer on the runway, Spring has been all about bringing sexy back from the 70’s and 80’s.

In a matter of a few weeks, you will be stepping into the bright seasons of Spring & Summer. And to get yourself ready for what lies ahead, we have put together a list of the big fashion trends that are coming soon, so you can create your shopping list accordingly and do not fuss at the eleventh hour.

So what are these Australian and international fashion trends online? Here we go:

1) Check the checks!
OSKER Australian Fashion Trends This Spring 2018
(Source: Pop Sugar)

Not a season has gone by this year where checks have not been the center of fashion trends. Moving forward into the next season, be prepared to see checkered shirts and tops in full swing! Don’t limit your expectations (and your wardrobe) to only shirts in checks but two-piece dresses in casuals and formals will be prominently seen. If you’ve got some old checks lying around, this is the time to take them out from under the pile. If not, you need to get your hands on one soon.

 For newbies to the checks game, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed introducing a strong pattern to the wardrobe. The easiest way would be to choose one checkered piece to be the statement piece and pair back with wardrobe basics in either neutral colours or strong hues to compliment the pattern. Some great basics would include buttoned-up shirts, your favourite pair of denim and some white sneakers to keep the outfit looking fresh and on-point without over-complicating.  


OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018


2) Mismatched Patterns & Cuts

OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

(Source: Vogue)
We have noticed that the world of fashion has been all about experimenting lately. None of the designers have been seen following one particular pattern or design. Instead, a lot of deconstructed tailoring has been seen walking down the runway. This trend is only here to grow bigger. We know that an asymmetrically cut sleeve, uneven collar and a candid pair of loose trousers will be all you see in the coming season!


OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018


3) Pastels & Florals
OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018
(Source: Vogue)
Leaning towards feminine preferences in its entirety, pastel colors and floral prints will reign supreme throughout the forthcoming season. From dresses to tops, pants and maxis, we will see designers romancing with the lighter hues of pinks, blues, greens and the likes along with a touch of flower power!
For the minimalist lovers like ourselves, try starting out slowly with floaty, feminine pieces in pastel hues and neutral tones to ease into this summer 2018 fashion trend. 


4) Fringe Fashion
OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

(Source: Vogue)

The upcoming season is blowing life into one of the hottest trends from the past: Fringes! From being as old as the 1920’s where loosely hung threads of fabric hit mainstream fashion in bell bottom pants; fringe fashion is now coming back with a bang! From dresses to pants, handbags and jackets; be prepared to fringe away!
OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018
OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018


5) Candid Jumpsuits
OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018
(Source: Fashionisers)


The fashion world seems to be in a love affair with jumpsuits! Jumpsuits slowly infiltrated runways and racks but have now taken the world by storm! This is mainly because this one-piece dress is completely hassle-free and looks purely elegant. Following the feel of the year, jumpsuits in pastels will be very popular.

OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

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