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Here Downunder, Spring is upon us - and it is the perfect time of the year to add some playfulness to our wardrobe. We’ve just shed our winter layers, come out of hibernation and are ready for less dreary days and most importantly, less dreary outfits. The key to balancing this with sophistication and cool is to look for pieces with an element of playfulness in a neutral colour palette. Look to Australian fashion online influencers, content creators and style bloggers,  and all your favourites will be showing off elevated basics with unexpected twists in varying shades of black, white, grey, blue and khaki.
Here are 10 Spring fashion styles to give you some inspo in creating your perfect playful minimalist wardrobe:
  1. String details around the waist and sophisticated cut-outs gives your back some much-needed love and attention now that the weather is getting warmer.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - OSKAR white corset backless dress

2.   Play with the neckline of your shirts by wearing them off the shoulder for more flair.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar wrap around cotton boyfriend shirt 

3.   Corset detailing is a great way to spice up shirts and tee shirts.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - OSKAR corset tee

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar corset boyfriend shirt

 4.   Contrasting textured fabrics are great for adding depth when layering the same colour together for some tonal dressing.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar cotton v-neck tee

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - OSKAR wrap around cotton tee and matching midi stretch skirt

5.   Spring is a great time to show off some sleeve detailing, now that we can ditch the outerwear in this great weather.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar puff sleeve boyfriend shirt

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - OSKAR puff sleeve tie up belle sleeve shirt

6.   Convertible tops are a super fun way to get double the use out of an already versatile piece!

 10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar drape layer chiffon top

 7.   Add some femininity to your playfulness with bow or ribbon details on tops and dresses.

 10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism  - oskar tassles cut out tee

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar tassles cut out cotton boho dress

 8.   Some statement hardware buttons are a great way to add playfulness as you make the transition from your winter to spring wardrobe.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar striped boyfriend cotton shirt

9.   Layering or ruffled details can add an element of fun to a wardrobe staple.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - oskar ruffles cotton shirt

10.   If you’re after quick and easy, try a one piece with a playful hemline.

10 Spring Australian Fashion Styles That Embody Playful Minimalism - OSKAR layered cotton boobtube playsuit



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