Trend Colour Forecast For Spring 2018

Science proves that colors have an enormous impact on us, emotionally, psychologically and physically. As each fashion seasons change, it is vital for us to not only know which color stories are trending on the Australian and international runways, but from there, work out which colours work best in our favor, both emotionally and physically. This understanding reflects in our fashion choices and impacts our mood and behavior psychologically, helping us ‘look the way we feel’. For instance, blue is an immensely relaxing and calming color that helps you reduce stress while red can increase your blood pressure and energy levels.


To help build your summer wardrobe, we compiled a list of plain, solid colours that will not only help you keep calm in the summer heat, but also making an on-trend stylish statement.


1. Blue

OSKER Australian Fashion Colour Trends for Spring 2018

Having a bad day? Then it is best to slip into something blue. Reflection of the ocean which is deep and calm, the color blue reduces anxiety and blood pressure. It is the color of trust and security and is most effective when it comes to managing imbalanced stress levels. So keep calm and put on some blues!


Sailor blue and Little Boy blue are Pantone's top blue picks from NY Fashion Week Spring 2018 shows.

OSKER Australian Fashion Online Blog - Pantone's Colour Trend Forecase for Spring 2018OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018 - Pantone's Colour Forecast

(Source: Pantone)

Try our OSKER Beyond Measure relaxed pants this summer.

Trends Colour Forecast Spring 2018

Or try our OSKER Frayed Letters cotton shirt with puff sleeves detailing:

OSKER Australian Colour Trends for NY Fashion Week Spring 2018


2. Black

OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

The color of elegance and power. Black symbolizes strength and authority combined with the power of the mind. Always chic and fashion-forward, black is a sophisticated choice for the entire year and always run prominent across Fashion Weeks around the world. While some may consider black as a ‘regular’ choice but many successful people tend to wear it in order to create an influence within the crowd. Black never goes out of fashion.


OSKER Australian Colour Trends for Spring 2018 Fashion Week
OSKER Australian Colour Trends for Spring 2018 Fashion Week

3. White

OSKER Australian Colour Trends for Fashion Week Spring 2018

The only color in the world that represents purity and clarity within itself. Considered to be a perfect choice for many occasions, it is ideal to be wrapped in white to seek clarity of thought. It is effortlessly cool and remains in-vogue round the clock, 365 days a year.


OSKER Australian Fashion blog: Trends for Spring 2018 - Pantone

Pantone's pick for Spring 2018 is Coconut Milk, a beautiful off-white version of the classic colour. 


Try our OSKER Life In Darkness chiffon skirt in Off-white.

OSKER Australian Colour Trends for Spring 2018 Fashion Week

Or try our OSKER Phoenix Rising babydoll shirt dress.

OSKER Colour fashion Trends for Spring 2018


4. Teal
A mixed combination of blue and green, teal reflects peace and calm from the color blue along with the uplifting energy of green. This currently trending hue could be used to showcase a unique side of your personality. It is quickly becoming every designer's go-to color and has seen quite an up rise in minimal fashion clothing.


OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018 - Pantone's Pick For Colour Trends

(Source: Pantone)

A bold hue, Pantone's pick for Spring 2018 is Arcadia, a throw-back retro colour that is the cooler, younger cousin of the classic teal.

 With a colour this strong, it is best to style back with neutral colours such as black, white, navy and camel. We suggest our OSKER Angel Tears linen-blended shorts.OSKER Australian Fashion Styling Tip - White linen shorts

Or try a maximalist approach and opt for a textured black statement pants like our OSKER Open To Receive cotton-blended drawstring pants.


OSKER Australian Fashion Styling Tips - Colour Trend Forecast


5. Grey

OSKER Australian Fashion Colour Trends for Spring 2018

Reflection of feminine energy, grey helps with the cleansing and releasing of mental, emotional and physical strains. In recent times, it has become a trendsetter in minimal fashion. From street style fashion to runway catwalks, this color is taking over because of its simple yet elegant look.


OSKER Australian Fashion Trends for Spring 2018 - Pantone's Picks for Colour trends


Harbour Mist is a dove-grey classic picked by Pantone as an anchor shade of any great wardrobe this Spring time. Try our OSKER Wild Blessings boobtube dress for a great foundational piece to your closet. 


OSKER Australian Colour Trends for Spring 2018 - Dove Grey

Or try our OSKER Taking Flight deconstructed chiffon top.

OSKER Australian Colour Trends for Spring 2018 fashion week



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