Introducing the OSKER Summer 18 Collection, ‘A Wildfire Dream’, an ode to nature’s playgrounds and a celebration of the exploratory spirit which breathes life into all of us. Inspired by jungle escapades and safari adventures, this collection weaves its tale through colour, shape and thoughtful detail.

Each piece is a reflection of the contrast and symbiosis between the delicacy and strength found in wildlife. Feminine ruffles, layering, cinching and ruched ties are tempered with the structure of boxier silhouettes and exaggerated shapes. Fraying, asymmetrical hemlines and soft, flowing fabrics evoke the imperfection of nature and the ease of an effortless breeze. Referencing the beauty beheld on ventures into wild greens, khaki, forest green, moss green and light brown tones are scattered amongst the usual staple black and white colour palette. Linens and cottons in a plethora of different patterned textures give a nod to OSKER’s signatures.

‘A Wildfire Dream’ maintains OSKER’s modern disposition while embracing the air of adventure and often unindulged desire to stay in touch and at one with nature.