Set in a romantic era characterized by liberalization and experimentation, Unfamiliar Dream is the latest Fall 2019 Collection by OSKER inspired by the free-spirited nature and eclectic aesthetics of Annie Hall, an ode to what the women on the streets of SoHo in New York were wearing in the mid-seventies. Style icon, Annie Hall, with her sharp, masculine tailoring balanced out by soft, feminine touches ushered in a new era of transcendent style in the seventies focused on low-key style androgyny. The heart of this latest collection capturing an essence of slouchy femininity, unbridled freedom of expression and quiet confidence that can be found in the everyday modern woman.  
Expect classic retro luxury staples epitomizing understated elegance in the form of high-waisted plea ted pant suits, button-up shirts, oversized mannish knitwear and classic coats with sharp lines in mild earthy tones, nudes and greys. These are juxtaposed against a plethora of monochrome checkered prints, contrast stitching, varying shades of purple and rose and textured fabrications for a modernised, contemporary feel. Cropped woollen jacket, wide-leg culottes, wrap around knit scarf cardigan, matching knit sets and flared denim jeans are designed to be quirkily layered over one another this Fall, resonating well with Annie’s charm - a little neurotic and clumsy at times but endlessly intelligent, free and original.
Unfamiliar Dream is an eclectic mix of tomboyish aesthetics, whimsical uniqueness and endless creativity.